Friday, December 10, 2010

Blogging experience

I have to admit, when Molly first said we would be keeping a blog I wasn't to happy about it. I mean come on what will we possibly do with this? It turns out though, that the blog idea wasn't so bad after all. It kept me writing throughout the whole semester, and some of the posts were actually fun to write. Overall the blogs were a good addition to a usually boring english class. I wont be keeping the blog for my own use, but for school it was great. So Molly if your gonna be teaching this class again i would say use the blogs, really helped out in keeping me inline.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Alright i read the school, and good god that was weird lol. Best way to describe it is just pessimism personified on paper, with a very creepy and small light at the end of the tunnel. I will say that the school was nothing compared to Mollies masterpiece, always knew you were a little off. But i digress, on to my story...

It was a dark, and very cold night in Anaktuvuk pass Alaska. Father had just left to get more firewood and medicine for Mother, she had come down with a very nasty flu of sorts and wasn't doing so well. I was nearly asleep when i heard a cry from outside the village. I ran outside to see what was happening only to find the village on fire with some strange men riding in on horse back. I wanted to go find Father with ever fiber in my being but i knew he would be upset if i left Mother by herself, so i stayed back and hid until i saw Father again. I was overjoyed when i saw him still alive and running towards us, but then, just when he was almost to the tent, a mans sword effortlessly robbed him of his head. I couldn't help it, i screamed with all my might over Fathers death, and in the midst of all that anger i lost myself. I took up a spear and rammed it straight through the mans rib cage who had killed my Father. Only to have the next second turn black from a pain on the back of my head. I was struck with some type of club and was bleeding out. I heard the man's laughter as i laid their slowly slipping into cold abyss. I am not sure why but i thought of Alaska and its great arctic weather and storms, and seemed to realise at that moment that i was becoming one with the land. The cold darkness of night that i had lived with my whole life was becoming me, and as my eye's turned white and the last flickering of the flames reached my eyes. I was whole, for that moment, peace was with me forever. Also it helped that i knew about karma and that these guys would get paid back for what they did to my village and all. :)

Books to read and such...

To start off i really only read fictional books, its just the kind that i have always enjoyed reading about. Not to sound too nerdy but science fiction is kinda up there on the list of books i read. Most recently i was told about a collection of books by John Scalzi, one of which is called Old Mans War. Its about the military of earth in the far away future, i hope. The government now only takes the retired due to them having the longest life experience and knowledge about the world around them, they then give them new bodies which are of course better faster and stronger then human ones. The book is written in first person by a man just reaching his enlisting age of 75. Overall the book is very well written and has a great story, i would highly recommend it to anyone who likes military or sci-fy type books. Probably my favorite author i have read so far though is Richard A. Knaak, so look him up to.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


This thanksgiving was really different  from others that i have had over the years. I decided to head over to my Grandpa's for a hunting trip. Being that it was just two guys, we didn't have the big home cooked meal that I am used to. We just bought one of those frozen turkey dinner things, and surprisingly it was really good. As far as the hunting went. I got a big doe, didn't get the buck i wanted but hey it all worked out in the end. So ya almost the polar opposite of what usually happens at thanksgiving. Only downside of the whole thing was the drive over to Billings. Probably the hardest and scariest driving i have ever done or ever seen for that matter.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Cathedral

This story was very weird, both in how it was written and just the story itself. I do however think the blindness metaphor is the same as a lot of the others i have heard. The ones who cant see are usually the ones who see the best, or something along those lines. The ending really confused me, and I still don't really get it. I mean did he make him blind? Or did he just finally come to understand the metaphor i mentioned earlier? Only part i didn't like about the whole blindness thing was how cliche it was. A man who really kinda hates blind people comes to "see" what they do? Come on, who hasn't heard that one before.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Writing tips and tricks

Don't space it over time.
 I have fond that despite people saying your shouldn't procrastinate, you really shouldn't write a little then come back later to write some more. Make time to do it all in one shot, if you space it out your train of thought will be different then before and people will see that in your writing.
Input the personal.
Now unless its strictly a research paper you should input some of yourself into the paper. I am all for facts and getting the clear picture across but people get more attached if they understand your writing rather then just read it.
Read books.
I don't know if this is just a coincidence but about two years ago i started reading books regularly, and i actually noticed a difference in how i wrote. I think you unconsciously start writing like the author you read the most, so ya it helps.
Practice makes perfect.
I know everyone has heard this before but its actually true. Everything in life take practice to get better at. You can have all the natural talent your want but nothing take the place of experience in my book.
Get some variety.
There are many different types of writing, and you will never be good at them if you don't try it out. This goes hand in hand with the last tip. All the types are different. You can write i good research paper you might not be able to do so good on a essay, it all depends.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

TV shows!!!

Alright first off i know you said to pick a TV show that not a lot of people like so it will be harder to state your point, but that didn't work out. I chose to do this blog on the amazing TV show called House , for those of you who haven't seen it the show is about a brilliant doctor that solves many mysteries about diseases and people. I like the kind of shows that have a brilliant person in them that seems to be able to solve anything, but this one jumps out at you in a big way. Doctor House is the best diagnostic person there is, and he is a complete and utter dick to everyone. This is whats makes the show funny and states a fact of life, it doesn't matter what you look like or how you act if you are the best at what you do people will have to learn to live with you. There is actually a episode that talks about this whole thing but i cant remember exactly which one it was, so find it yourself i guess. So if you like hospital shows or just like seeing puzzles solved with comedy thrown in House is the show for you.
Gregory House for president!!!